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Light novel: Hakushaku to yousei

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1 Light novel: Hakushaku to yousei on Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:36 am


This ended years ago, but still translation update is slow ( But i do hope still continuing). I first watcehd this anime and tried to read the manga (only 15 chapters) so I went to reading the light novel. The novel has around 33 volumes in all, but this website http://earlandfairy.weebly.com/ does the best translation (but still at 7 volumes)

Still, in other forums out there I saw the ending. According to them
It is a happy ending, with Edgar finally free from the prince and Lydia and him have a son. Although Edgar is just recognized as Blue earl in name only, his son Alvin is the true heir in both blood and name. Kinda confusing since in the other chapters it is explained how Lydia has the blood connected to the earl, and how she became pregnant. It is also discussed how Edgar lost his memories and learns that Lydia is engaged to another man (the seer)
In the latter chapters it is thoroughly explained about the past of Edgar and the prince and how they are connected to the fairy world.

If you like the anime and manga go read the light novels!! Hope it will satisfy a little of your burning curiosity Laughing

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