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Hare Kon manga

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1 Hare Kon manga on Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:12 pm



"Koharu, tired of all the men in her life being lying, married philanderers, decides to move back home, away from the city. Once there she finds her family saddled with a huge debt and no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt, at the same time asking her to marry him. But, as if things weren't crazy enough, he already has two wives!"

Mature type of manga, but still funny in depicting marriages and how marriage can change a person. Also, it depicts how one person who have no interest in someone from the start might be changed as time goes by.

The females married to Ryuu-chan here have different reasons of marrying him. One sees him as her everything, another is a sex maniac and another because of debt. Let's see how this marriage takes off!!

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